Factotum Ltd

01638 576408

Factotum provides personalised telephone answering services that work in partnership with your business, effectively fulfilling the role of a virtual employee, but without the costs and implications of employing staff.

From sole traders to NHS Trusts, Factotum has been providing service to businesses for 15+ years, including a number of NCCA members who see Factotum an essential factor within their business success. It is that experience together with NCCA’s quality control and market research activities that has resulted in the NCCA selecting Factotum to provide an exclusive telephone answering service for members.

When handing over your business calls to someone else you need to be confident they are 100% professional, capable of using their own initiative, and know how to use good old fashioned common sense! Factotum prides itself on being part of your business, managing your calls with the care and attention to detail you would expect from a member of your team.

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