If you have a problem or complaint against a member of the NCCA, the Association is able to act as an independent arbitration service, up to solicitor level.

Firstly, please ensure that the company in question is a registered NCCA member. Be sure to check that the company name and contact information are the same. If the company is not a member, please contact your local Trading Standards office or Citizens Advice for further assistance.

Please be aware – the jurisdiction of the National Carpet Cleaners Association is limited to carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floors, curtains, leather and soft furnishings. Our members may provide services outside of these fields which unfortunately do not fall under our remit. In these cases, we will be unable to provide the standard arbitration service.

Before proceeding with a formal complaint we do recommend that you contact the member in question and inform them of the problem and reason for your complaint. In most cases, members will be able to resolve a complaint before we need to get involved.

Still unresolved? Please provide a full report of the situation using the form below:

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • Disclaimer

      The Association will endeavour to handle your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible using our formal complaint procedure. Our dedicated Standards and Fair Trading department will review the report, request information from the member, investigate and advise accordingly. In order to properly investigate a complaint, the Association will need permission to release your contact information to the member involved. By submitting a complaint via this website, please be aware that your contact details may be passed on to the member to clarify who you are and which job the situation refers to. Any contact information provided will not be used by the Association for reasons beyond investigating and communicating in regard to the complaint. If you have concerns about data protection, please contact the office via for clarification. If we do not have permission to release contact information, we, unfortunately, may not be able to provide any assistance. Please view our Privacy Policy for further information.

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