NCCA Reviews

Thinking of joining the Association? Don’t just take out word for it! Read reviews from current members to see what they have to say about the NCCA.

“We are proud members of the NCCA and have been very impressed with the support offered so far.  As the only recognised body in the carpet cleaning industry, it’s great for businesses and customers to know that high standards of training , insurances and experience is required.”

Mark & Trena Fitzmaurice – Fitz2Kleen

“I have always tried to provide the best cleaning service I can. Since becoming an NCCA member not only do I show my customers of my dedication to offering a quality service but feel my business has benefited greatly from the experience of other members too.”

Michael & Heidi Dilley – Carmarthenshire Cleaning

“Being an NCCA member is a great idea as it gives us as company affiliation to nationally recognised and highly respected organisation giving our customers peace of mind and great support for us.”

Ivan Hayes-Scott – Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd

“TopMark Cleaning feel honoured to be part of the only nationally recognised trade association for carpet and upholstery cleaning. We’ve received training of a very high standard which has helped us grow our business over the last 10 years. I love being part of the team, networking with other members from all over the UK, everyone is happy to help and support each other. Why wouldn’t a professional cleaner wants to be part of this association is beyond me.”

Victoria Jordison – TopMark Cleaning

“I can’t speak highly enough of the NCCA, it’s helped me and my business grow so much in the carpet cleaning world. The advice and help is second to none. I hope to be in the NCCA for many a year. With the help of all involved, Directors, office staff and fellow members, it’s a pleasure to be among you!”

Mark Anderson – Marlin Cleaning Services

“I am very proud to be an associate member of the NCCA, and look forward to working up the ladder. The courses and support that I have undertaken through the NCCA so far have been very informative and the ongoing support and advice has been invaluable. The NCCA are doing fantastic work to highlight the importance of carpet cleaning and through TLC finding a properly trained and insured carpet cleaner in your area. I can’t thank the team enough.

Will Swait – Cotswold Carpet Cleaners Ltd

“Being one of the rarer female carpet cleaners, I can safely say that I would not be where I am today without the NCCA. I undertook the carpet and upholstery course. The amount of information and practical is outstanding. You are taught by professionals with an absolute fountain of knowledge. After passing the exam I was offered to join as a member. And I can say that that has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Not only do you get the full support of the NCCA but you can contact them and discuss any concerns that you may have, and rest in the knowledge that they know the answer…..they have been there, done it and got the t-shirt! It’s not just that though, it’s the professionalism that being a member gives your company, making you stand out from others. Customers know that they are getting a professional service and in this game reputation is everything!”

Gaynor Green – Carpet Fresh

“Becoming a member of NCCA wasn’t easy, did a lot of training and sat an extensive exam. Since I become a member, I have invested in better equipment, I have attended many other courses, gained vast knowledge and I feel much more confident. I also believe that as a result of that I am delivering much better service to my clients. I strongly believe every carpet cleaner must undergo training by, and be a member of NCCA  if they wish to provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services . This will ensure fairer competition, and will level standards across this industry.”

Vladimir Todorov – Cleaner Cleaner Ltd

“Since joining the NCCA, I have not only received top level training but have received invaluable support and advice from various NCCA members around the country. Being a member of this association is a re-assuring feeling!  If I get a difficult job that requires technical knowledge beyond my current understanding, I know that I have direct access to those with the correct know how and experience to advise accordingly!  
Furthermore, it is re-assuring knowing that the association is making steps to raise the profile of the industry.”

Darren Cross – CROSS Specialist Cleaning Company

“Since attending the carpet and upholstery training course, I have truly found confidence in my career, not only is the course full of information it is taught by the fabulous Paul Pearce and Pawlo, both are natural teachers of the trade with invaluable experience, I highly recommend any trading carpet and upholstery cleaner to attend this course, and to join the NCCA, it is the best move I have done with my business in 4.5 years of trading. In June 2017 I joined the NCCA as a member, what have I gained from membership? I have gained more knowledge than I ever anticipated this is all from the vast array of knowledge and technical support from other members and corporate members. I have even shadowed a local member to further develop my knowledge and skill levels, (no competition here) just truthful, helpful people,  Included in my membership is legal and HR support if needed, I also receive regular job leads through TLC the NCCA consumer directory.”

Andrew Dixon – Wat-er Result! Cleaning Services

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