TrustMark Membership

Thank you for your interest in the TrustMark membership.

Please check the criteria to ensure you are eligible for TrustMark membership. It is important to note the scheme is only available to NCCA members with at least two years’ experience, spot and stain training and at least £2m third party insurance cover (including Treatment Risk).

To apply, please complete the application form, agreeing to the Registered Business Licence Agreement.

Upon receipt of your application for TrustMark membership we will ensure you meet the required standards as this is key to anyone being accepted within the ‘Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners’ category. May we take this opportunity to remind you that TrustMark Registered Businesses must abide by the NCCA Code of Practice with particular reference to Section 2 ‘Pricing and Pre-payments’.

The annual fee for TrustMark membership is £150 + VAT, payable upon approval of your application and on the anniversary of joining each year.

Please also bear in mind the requirement for ongoing education to remain a TrustMark Registered Business. Attendance on one additional training course or industry event every 3 years is mandatory and certificates must be provided with renewal.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact the NCCA office.

Registered Business Benefits

TrustMark membership has a range of benefits, some of which are available now and others that they are working on. 

  • Be part of the Government Endorsed Quality scheme
  • TrustMark Online Directory profile
  • Gain access to BSI Standards for our industry
  • Free access to the TrustMark Business Portal
  • Works with Trading Standards to protect against rogue traders


  • Your Details

  • Reference

    Commercial or Professional (supplier or commercial client, former employer etc.). References must be from impartial sources (not family or friends), and if at a later date it is found references are not regarded as ‘bona-fide’ your membership and licence may be terminated with immediate effect.
  • Personal

  • License Agreements

  • Please read the following documents before reading and signing the Terms & Conditions. Documents will open in a new tab. We highly recommend saving/printing a copy of these documents for your own records.

    1. TrustMark Licence Agreement Schedules
    2. Registered Firm Licence Agreement
  • Following receipt of your completed application, if verified and accepted, an annual membership fee of £150.00 plus VAT will be required.

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