How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in 2024?
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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in 2024?

If your carpet is in need of rejuvenation, you may be considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to help. In the current cost of living crisis, affordability is an important factor in any decision. Every cleaner will charge differently, but here is an idea of how much you might expect to spend in 2024.

How do carpet cleaners calculate cost?

The average hourly rate for a carpet cleaner in the UK is between £60 and £120. However, it is also common for carpet cleaners to charge per square metre, at an average of £4/m².

If you're getting your whole house cleaned, it might take all day, so some cleaners also offer a day rate. A day rate is likely to start at around £250-£300. Some companies have a minimum spend to make sure that the trip is worth their while. They may also charge a cancellation fee after a certain window, as it's hard to find alternative work at short notice.

The most important thing to note about professional carpet cleaning is that it's usually much cheaper than replacing your carpet – and certainly less disruptive! Getting your carpet cleaned regularly will make your carpet last longer and save you money in the long run.

Factors that impact the cost of carpet cleaning

Carpet type

More delicate carpets will require more care and more time. If your carpet has a long pile length, it's also likely to be more difficult to clean and take longer. However, synthetic carpets are often stain-resistant, so will be cheaper to clean.

Natural fibre carpets can vary in price to clean. A sisal carpet is likely to be the most expensive to clean, due to its absorbency and tendency to stain. Wool carpets are usually comparatively cheaper to clean.


Carpet cleaners are in higher demand at different times of the year, so may cost more at these times. Many people tend to carry out a big spring clean, filling up cleaners’ calendars quickly. Winter can be a slower time for carpet cleaners, so some of them offer discounts and offers to bring customers in.

Cleaning type

Different types of cleaning include steam cleaning (sometimes called a “soft wash”), dry compound cleaning and encapsulation cleaning. A soft wash is likely to be the cheapest option.

Optional added extras include stain protection and insect repellent, which are likely to add to your bill. However, think about whether the benefits for these options are worth the cost before you invest in them.

It's important you choose the right type of cleaning for you. While steam cleaning is often the cheapest option, it can take a long time to dry, particularly in winter, creating an ideal environment for mould and mildew. It can also cause unnecessary wear to your carpet due to the high-water pressure involved. Other methods such as dry cleaning can be much healthier for your carpet, so don't be sucked in by cheap pricing.


Removing any tough stains will take extra work and extra materials. Because of this, it will usually cost more. This cost is likely to depend on how big an area the stain covers, and what type of stain it is. It's worth informing your cleaner of any significant stains beforehand, so that they can quote your price accurately.

Some cleaners will charge extra if your household has pets, as they can create significant carpet damage and cause build-up of hair and dirt.

Moving furniture

Often, homeowners will move their furniture off the carpet in preparation for the cleaner. However, not everyone will be able to do this.

Similarly, not every carpet cleaner offers to move furniture, and if they do, it's likely to cost extra. Some companies will charge a flat rate to move your furniture, or others will simply charge hourly.

Some carpet cleaners do not offer this service at all, so if you are unable to move furniture yourself, you may need to find someone else to help you with this task – or use a different carpet cleaner.

Commercial vs residential

It's common for commercial carpet cleaning to be required out of office hours, so they’re ready to use for the next working day. Commercial spaces are also often bigger than residential spaces. Because of this, commercial carpet cleaning can cost slightly more.


Like with many things, where you live can impact how much you can expect to pay for a carpet cleaning service. A combination of regional living expenses, market competition, and demand levels contribute to the variability in carpet cleaning costs across different towns and cities in the UK. If you live in a rural area, you may also have to pay more for the distance that the cleaner will have to travel to reach you.


Some carpet cleaners categorise their costs into packages. The cost of each tier is likely to correspond with how thorough the cleaning involved is. Always check what is included in each package to decide which suits you best.

Is cheaper carpet cleaning better?

While everyone loves a bargain, extremely low prices can be a red flag when it comes to quality. Choosing an accredited, professional carpet cleaner can work out more cost-effective in the long run as it can extend the lifespan of your carpets and keep them at their best.

Low prices may also be a sign that the business may be untrustworthy. In fact, there's a practice which is sadly far too common, where companies use low prices to lure you in, and then up-sell you something more expensive or unnecessary add-ons. This is called bait and switch – and it’s an illegal form of deception.

You can avoid this by working with a trusted carpet cleaner from the National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA). Every NCCA carpet cleaner has to follow a code of conduct, which includes transparent pricing. Businesses set their own prices, but they must be trustworthy and fair. Inflating prices, especially at the last minute, is strictly against our policies.

Get a quote from a local carpet cleaner

The figures provided here are just averages. If you want a specific cost for carpet cleaning, the NCCA can make things easier.

We’ve built a directory of trusted local carpet cleaners, so you can get a price to clean your carpets without having to check the credentials of each contractor yourself. Everyone in our directory is fully trained, experienced and insured, so it’s simply a case of choosing a cleaner that’s close to you.

Search our carpet cleaners directory to get a quote.

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