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Meet The Team: Martin Johns

"I started cleaning in 2004 as a general cleaner concentrating on domestic and commercial cleaning purely to have the flexibility to spend more time with my young family. Like most people, I fell into carpet cleaning and realised very quickly that I was out of my depth and soon completed some training.

That's when I developed a passion for knowledge and quickly went into end of tenancy cleans, whilst developing the carpet cleaning side of the business. To me good transparent customer service has always been my passion and strength. At first, I started employing people, but found them to be unreliable and had poor standards so I quickly had to reinvent the business.My initial role within the NCCA was to help the Training Director develop the membership structure which I felt passionate about. I also redesigned the survey forms with the new members in mind.

Furthermore, I wanted to help new members obtain good standards so took the role of personally contacting every new member who applied to join for around two years which was almost a full-time voluntary position.

My role now focusses on compliance, but as always, we need your help! If you see or hear of anyone who you believe is not a member, displaying or implying they are members, please contact the office and it will be investigated by myself or Nigel.

I work with an amazing team of directors and with Dave at the helm, I'm proud to be part of the board and would like to continue to be as helpful as possible."

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