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Meet The Team: Paul Pearce

A brief intro about Paul Pearce:

"I am married to Sandra, now celebrating 42 years and have 3 sons Liam, Matthew & Jay.

I started in the carpet cleaning industry in 1972. In those days, all the carpet cleaning was done using rotary machines with a high foaming shampoo.

I had small offsite works where we cleaned rugs & carpets. This was very basic but involved beating rugs etc., with a flail beater, thoroughly immersing them in running water and shampooing them, then a rinse and into a 48’ hydro-extractor. The drying room was basic but had multiple fans around the room with a gas fired boiler assisting several radiators. Rugs and carpets dried overnight.Mid 70’s saw bad winters where there was a lack of loft insulation and therefore burst pipes were common place. I very quickly became a trade carpet cleaner drying and re-washing flooded carpets for the trade. We were never without work.

In 1984 I joined the Carpet Cleaners Association (now NCCA) and moved on to their board in 1985 and very quickly got involved taking on the post of Trading Standards.

By now I had an interest in training as I had taken 3 schools with the Carpet Cleaners Association and 2 with Prochem. Next, I attended a 3-day Carpet Appearance Course run by an American company in the UK. By 1990 I was working with the training team of the NCCA of which I took over the running of the training side in 1995, where I changed it to a residential course over 2 days from 3 individual days spanning many months.

I took multiple classes through various IICRC educators and eventually became a Master Textile Cleaner which assisted me in becoming an Approved Instructor through IICRC in 1998. I have continued learning from various technical courses which include Cleaning Research International, BTTG and the dry cleaning industry. Indoor Air Quality Management schools both here and America, including a 5-day conference on Indoor Air Quality in Edinburgh 1999.

I teach carpet and upholstery cleaning along with other industry-specific courses for the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), I recently developed a course on The Fine Fibre cleaning of cellulosic textiles which has proved popular given the current Designer climate. I am also an approved instructor with the IICRC for CCT, UFT, RCT, CCMT & HCT. I also teach for WoolSafe in the UK as well as many private companies.

During my time in the industry, I have been President of the NCCA twice, President/Chairman of IICRC & Chairman of the British Cleaning Council. I am currently the Technical & Training Director of the NCCA and Chair of Instructors & Schools for IICRC.

My day job is either teaching a course somewhere in the UK or assisting one of my many clients to solve their cleaning problems. I have cleaned and clean for many celebrity clients as well as royalty and enjoy the challenges this brings. I am also a Senior Carpet Inspector through IICRC as well as WoolSafe carpet inspector.

I also love to travel and have been fortunate enough to do this through my cleaning & training programs. One of my passions is reading of which I have an extensive library of books relating to the industry I love.

There’s always something new to learn and I make it part of my business to do so."

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