Is The NCCA Certification Cost Worth It?
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Is The NCCA Certification Cost Worth It?

If you own a carpet cleaning company, you might be wondering whether to join the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA). One factor that sometimes makes business owners hesitate is the NCCA certification cost, and whether it's worth it. Here, we will break down the cost and what it means to be an NCCA member.

What's in it for you?

As the only nationally recognised trade association for carpet cleaners, there are a variety of benefits for our members. This is what the NCCA certification cost gets you.

Personalised website listing

Your business will appear in our directory, making you easily discoverable to potential clients. Customers can search by postcode, helping bring you work in your local area.

Use of trademark registered name and logo

You get the bragging rights of saying you're a part of our association. Only our members are permitted to use our logo and claim accreditation status.

Exclusive discounted training courses

If you want to further your skills and services, we offer courses and discounts, only available to our members.

Free helplines and downloadable templates

Members gain access to our free advice helplines. We also have templates for business documents for you to download.

Arbitration service

If you have a disagreement with a client, we can act as an arbitrator between the two parties. While we encourage complainants to go directly to our members first, we also give them the option to report complaints to us.

Members-only networking and advice forums

Being an NCCA member gives you access to exclusive online advice forums and networking opportunities. We also hold industry days and events as a chance for you to network with other cleaners.

What do we ask for in return?

In order to receive our stamp of approval, we expect all of our members to uphold our standards. These standards are all representative of good business practices that will improve your company and career.


We ask that anyone in your business who will be cleaning carpets is trained. When you join, you sit an entry-level training course in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, or provide evidence that you have already passed one of our approved courses.


All of our members are required to provide proof of public liability insurance. While this is not a legal requirement, we ask our members to have it to ensure that both you and your clients are protected if something goes wrong.

Service with integrity

We require all members to carry out their business with integrity. This means charging fair prices, maintaining personable service and having established procedures for complaints and liability.

Membership fee

Everyone that joins must pay the NCCA certification cost. This allows us to keep our trade association working well, and allows us to offer you every possible opportunity.

Find out more about joining

The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) offers so much value for UK carpet cleaners. Membership with us unlocks access to everything above, which can be priceless for your business.

To find out more, take a look at our membership page.

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