What Carpet Cleaning Insurance Do I Need?
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What Carpet Cleaning Insurance Do I Need?

If you're just starting out as a professional carpet cleaner, the administrative side can be intimidating. Especially if you're a new business, you may be trying to keep costs down. But carpet cleaning insurance isn't something to skimp on. Read on as we discuss the importance of insurance for a carpet cleaning business and six types of insurance you might need.

Why do I need carpet cleaning insurance?

In short – just in case. Accidents happen, even to the best of us, and insurance is there as a safety net to protect you and your business. If you're slightly distracted one day and use the wrong chemical on an expensive carpet, insurance will help you cover the costs.

There are some types of insurance that you're legally obligated to have, so make sure you definitely have those. These include public liability and employers’ liability, which we’ll expand on below.

What are the carpet cleaning insurance requirements?

While some providers may offer deals including multiple types of insurance, it's worth thinking about which types are included. Here are six types of insurance for your carpet cleaning business…

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is there to help if there is damage to people or property and someone sues you. If someone gets injured – maybe by tripping over a wire – it will help you pay compensation payments and legal costs. Some policies will also help if you lose client keys or fail to secure their premises, so it's worth shopping around to see what different providers offer.

Treatment risk insurance

If someone's carpet gets discoloured or damaged, treatment risk insurance helps you replace anything that you damage. It applies specifically to items you work on, which public liability insurance often doesn't.

Professional indemnity insurance

While public liability insurance comes in if damage is caused, professional indemnity insurance will back you up if a client decides your work is unsatisfactory. If someone claims that you left their carpet dirty and sues you, professional indemnity insurance will help.

Equipment insurance

When you're working with expensive equipment, it's worth insuring it. It will help if any of your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged. Make sure you read the fine print of what is covered, as some places won't cover theft from inside a vehicle.

Employers' liability insurance

This is a type of insurance that you're legally obligated to have if your business has any employees, trainees or volunteers. Even if you only have one employee who helps out every now and then, the law says that you need employers' liability insurance. It will help you to cover the costs if an employee sues you due to work-related illness or injury. Some policies also help with things like loss due to employee dishonesty.

Van insurance

If you're using a van to transport equipment, it has to be covered by insurance. Carpet cleaning business use usually isn't covered by standard car insurance, so make sure you have the right policy in place to protect you wherever you are.

Join the National Carpet Cleaners Association

Carpet cleaning insurance requirements is one of many things you’ll have to navigate as you grow your business. The NCCA works to ensure that all of our members are fully insured. By joining, you gain exclusive access to technical support and advice forums, along with our arbitration service. You will also get access to exclusive discounts courtesy of our trusted corporate members who provide insurance services.

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