10 Christmas Gift Ideas For ‘Clean Freaks’
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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For ‘Clean Freaks’

With the countdown to Christmas well under way, it's time to pick out gifts for everyone in your life. One person that you might be struggling to find an interesting gift for is the friend or relative obsessed with cleaning. Whether they clean for you, themselves or a whole family, here are some unique cleaning gifts for the clean freak in your life.

1. Handheld vacuum cleaner

The perfect Christmas gift for clean freaks with a desk job, a handheld vacuum cleaner will help with smaller messes. Some are even designed to clean a computer keyboard and prevent crumbs from burrowing between the keys.

2. Reusable products

With the recent focus on green solutions, there are many alternatives to single-use products. From kitchen towels to rubber gloves, you can help the clean freak in your life replace their disposable products.

3. Mop slippers

While not many cleaning gift ideas are funny, mop slippers are suited to the neat freak with a sense of humour. These slippers clean the floor with every step, while keeping their feet cosy.

4. A cute sponge holder

Sponge holders help kitchen sponges air dry, reducing the risk of mould. There are all sorts of sponge holders available, to prevent them sitting filthy on the side of the sink. Whether they like animals, fruit or cartoon characters, this is a quirky gift idea for cleaning nerds.

5. Air purifier

While they're on top of keeping the house clean, they may not have thought about the air. If their reason for cleaning a lot is allergies, this will help filter dust and other allergens out of the air. Air purifiers also minimise the chemical smell after cleaning.

6. Clean/dirty dishwasher sign

These magnetic signs stick to the dishwasher door and can slide between the two states. This is great for the neat freak with a big family, who is constantly trying to stop everyone from loading dirty items into a clean dishwasher.

7. Hand lotion

If they're constantly scrubbing dirt, their hands will be paying the price. A hand lotion with their favourite scent will be sure to moisturise their hands and help them heal. Whether your budget is tight or luxury, lotion is a great gift to make a recipient feel special.

8. Phone sanitiser

Constantly in use, our phones are notorious for collecting bacteria. An electric phone sanitiser is an ideal gift for any germaphobe, to help keep their phone sparkling. Some even charge your phone, for extra efficiency.

9. Touchless soap dispenser

One of the best gifts to make cleaning easier is a touchless soap dispenser. It eliminates the transfer of germs that comes with a regular dispenser, and only requires one hand.

10. Give them the day off

One of the best cleaning gifts might actually be giving them the day off. Find someone to clean the carpets for them by searching our directory of UK carpet cleaners. The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) requires all our members to be trained and insured, taking the legwork out of finding a reliable carpet cleaner.

Search our directory of trusted carpet cleaners for the ultimate cleaning gift for clean freaks!

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