5 Reasons to Trust NCCA Certified Carpet Cleaners
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5 Reasons to Trust NCCA Certified Carpet Cleaners

Trust is vital when you’re looking for a carpet cleaner. You don’t want someone untrustworthy loose on your carpets. Thankfully, the National Carpet Cleaners Association makes it easy to find certified carpet cleaners near you.

If you want to be assured of a reputable and high-quality service, read on for five reasons to trust NCCA-certified carpet cleaners.

1. They are… trained and insured

The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) is the only nationally recognised UK trade association for carpet cleaners. Members are individually vetted to ensure they are highly skilled in carpet cleaning, and even have to take a training course in Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

Registered cleaners undertake an exam before being accepted as a member. They’re also required to have Public Liability insurance so your property is always protected.

2. They are… following a Code of Practice

It is reassuring to know that each member of the NCCA follows a standard Code of Practice. These professional standards are self-regulatory and all businesses are accountable for ensuring their work is of the highest quality.

When using an NCCA cleaner, customers can trust that their carpets, rugs and flooring are in good hands. Members are reliable communicators who know how to develop good working relationships with customers.

3. They are… reputable and trustworthy

If a cleaner is a member of the NCCA, you can be assured that they know what they’re doing. Before they gain membership, they will have gone through an extensive training course and passed a comprehensive exam.

But that’s not all. Using a certified carpet cleaner also gives you the chance to check them out beforehand. NCCA members’ work can be reviewed online by previous customers, which will be shown in the search results on our website. That way you can compare range of services and get an initial impression before choosing a carpet cleaner.

4. They are… local

You won’t get an easier way to find a local cleaner than through NCCA’s online directory. You will be able to scan through profiles of available certified carpet cleaners in your area – each one a trusted local cleaner with the NCCA.

5. They are… transparent about costs

It is part of the NCCA’s motto to work with integrity and be transparent. This can be seen in members’ pricing as NCCA-certified carpet cleaners don’t charge upfront. You can be sure that you will get a comprehensive and competitive quote on request. Members provide good value for money and you will get a fair price, with no hidden costs.

Local certified carpet cleaners you can trust

It just makes sense to use certified carpet cleaners who know what they’re doing. So, if you need a tough stain removed or want to keep your carpet looking and smelling great, find a trusted local cleaner today.

Simply fill in your location and the service you need, and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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