7 Autumn Cleaning Tips That Are Truly Fall-Proof
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7 Autumn Cleaning Tips That Are Truly Fall-Proof

Most people are familiar with a spring clean. It’s that time of year when the brighter, warmer weather arrives and the freshness of spring inspires a clean home. But how many households take the time for autumn cleaning?

This post will introduce you to the benefits of a good autumn clean and outline 8 foolproof autumn cleaning tips – or should that be fall-proof – to ensure your home remains cozy, organised and beautiful.

1.Declutter your space

Start by decluttering your home. Get rid of items you no longer need or use. Take to the charity shop, recycle or throw them out. This will create more space for the real cleaning as well as making your home feel instantly cleaner.

2. Deep clean carpets and rugs

As autumn rolls around, dirt and leaves are likely to be tracked in from outside. So, it's time to show your carpets and rugs some love and get rid of all that gunk, dust and allergens. If things are looking really grim in some spots, it might be worth calling in a professional carpet cleaner for a deep clean.

3. Clean and rotate bedding

Autumn is a great opportunity to clean and rotate your bedding. Fresh, clean linens and fluffed pillows make a welcoming sleeping environment.

4. Inspect and clean gutters

As leaves fall, they can clog your gutters, potentially causing water damage. To prevent water buildup, safely remove leaves and debris and ensure that everything is clear and functional.

5. Autumn decor cleaning

Make sure your autumn decorations, such as pumpkins, wreaths or seasonal candles, are clean and free of cobwebs before using them. Your house will continue to look festive and fresh.

6. Prepare for winter storage

Sort through your summer items like patio furniture, gardening tools and sports equipment. Clean, repair and store them properly for the winter to prevent damage and ensure they're ready for use next year.

7. Window and door maintenance

Checking and cleaning your windows and doors is a straightforward yet effective way to enhance your living environment. When you clean them, don't forget to wipe down the glass, frames and sills. This not only keeps your house looking tidy, but it also makes sure that everything is maintained properly.

Get in the professionals for autumn cleaning

Autumn cleaning means making your home ready before the colder weather arrives. By doing important jobs like decluttering and cleaning out the gutters, you’ll have a warm and friendly space to enjoy even as it turns chilly outside.

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning expert to help you start your autumn cleaning, look no further than the National Carpet Cleaner’s Association (NCCA). Our directory of professional carpet cleaners and upholsterers will make sure you find the right local expert for your requirements.

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