7 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid
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7 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Carpet cleaning is important for great-looking carpets, extending carpet lifespan and protection against allergens. But without the experience of a professional carpet cleaner on your side, it is easy to make mistakes when trying to clean it up.

Let’s have a look at seven mistakes that you should try to avoid.

1. Waiting too long before cleaning up

In busy houses with children and pets, spillages and stains on carpets can sometimes go unnoticed, drying into the fibres. This can lead to permanent stains and even mould developing. Remember where possible to act fast and clean stains and spillages as quickly as you can.

2. Scrubbing instead of blotting stains

Scrubbing is a temptation, especially on particularly strong stains. But it can damage the carpet fibres and push the stain deeper into the carpet. Using a cloth or towel to gently blot your carpet is a much more effective and gentler way of removing stains.

3. Not using gloves or masks with stronger products

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is extremely important when using strong cleaning products. Chemicals in cleaning solutions can damage or burn your skin as well as causing respiratory problems if you don’t protect yourself correctly. Make sure that you wear gloves and a mask if you are using a strong acidic carpet cleaner.

4. Using the wrong product

If you’re using a cleaning product, check that you aren’t using one that is too strong for your carpet. Carpets with synthetic fibres can be damaged from the acid in cleaning solutions and detergents can be too harsh for wool carpets.

Remember, just because there is a strong ‘cleaning’ smell with a product doesn’t mean that it’s right for your particular carpet and stain. Opt for a mild solution that will be gentle on the fibres in your carpet and remove the stain carefully.

5. Not vacuuming first

When something is spilled on your carpet, your first reaction isn’t usually to run for the hoover. You’re more likely to grab a clean damp cloth, kitchen roll or carpet spray. But remembering to hoover up any crumbs, dust and dirt before you start to clean your carpet will make a big difference. Otherwise, you’ll end up rubbing debris into the stain and creating more of a problem.

6. Oversoaking stains

Oversoaking isn’t a great way to remove stains as it can run the risk of damaging the underside of your carpet. This can easily lead to ruined backing and the risk of mould developing. If you find that you have used too much solution or water, mop up the excess by blotting before attempting to remove the stain.

7. Trying to tackle a difficult stain yourself

Most people could be forgiven for thinking that a damp cloth with some soap is enough to take out most stains. But mistakes are inevitable when you go it alone. The only way to really get the best results is to leave it to the experts.

To make sure that you get rid of stubborn stains properly, search the National Carpet Cleaner’s Association (NCCA) directory for an experienced carpet cleaner in your area.

Investing in a professional service will give you peace of mind that your carpets will be restored to their previous state (or even better!), smelling fresh and looking pristine. Find a trusted local cleaner by calling 01562 547754 or use NCCA’s online search service.

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