Carpet Trends 2024: What’s Hot in Home Flooring?
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Carpet Trends 2024: What’s Hot in Home Flooring?

Curious as to what's trending in the carpet world? Whether you're looking to impress guests or just like to surround yourself with the latest styles, here's everything you need to keep up to date.

Dopamine decor

Following its popularity in 2023, the dopamine decor trend is still going strong. Dopamine decor is all about decorating in a way that encourages your brain to produce happy chemicals. Bright colours and maximalism abound, it often features quirky designs. Dopamine decor gives you permission to use things previously designated for kids’ rooms, from shaped rugs to fun patterns.

Bold colours

Similarly, bold colours are all the rage at the moment. Whether it's a statement rug, a bright border or a block of colour, everyone is feeling daring with their colour choices. If you don't want to go all out, you can also incorporate colour through stripes, swirls or even a checkerboard pattern, balancing them with more neutral colours.

Retro 70s

The warm colours and earthy tones of the 1970s are back. Depending on how you use them, you can create a calm environment or a lively space. These colours are versatile and nostalgic, perfect for family homes or stylish singles.

Interesting textures

Mixing conventional natural carpet materials with silk, bamboo, wool and sisal can create unexpected textures. These add interest to a home, not just for the eyes, but underfoot too. Deep pile carpets are also making a comeback, encouraging people to be creative with their carpet choices.

Patterned carpets

You might associate intricately patterned carpets with pubs and old houses, but they're returning with a twist. Whether you like florals, geometric shapes or animal print, there's something for everyone. Choosing something that matches your interests and personal style can make a statement and add intrigue to your home.

Vintage rugs

Vintage rugs are in high demand at the moment. Whether they're authentic historical pieces or fresh takes on the style, these practical rugs give the environment an elevated feel. Used to hide dirt and brighten up a home for centuries, vintage carpet will continue to be a classic even after the trend fades.


More and more people are caring about our planet, so it's no wonder that sustainability has made its way into the world of carpets. One way to incorporate this trend is to search for carpets that are locally produced or made of recycled material. Many carpets are made of nylon or other polymers, which can be melted down and recycled. This reduces the resources that would otherwise be needed to make a new carpet.

The best way to be sustainable is to look after your carpet. By increasing the lifespan of what you already have, you reduce the resources required even more.

Find a professional carpet cleaner

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can help your carpets live longer and look better. The National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA) has a directory of accredited carpet cleaners all over the UK. Fully insured, they can help rejuvenate your carpet, whatever style or material you choose.

Search our directory today.

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