How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet
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How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet

Whether you've had your pup a long time or they're a new addition to the household, you'll have noticed that pet hair gets everywhere. Particularly in a carpeted home, dander can make your house feel dirty and aggravate allergy symptoms. However, with the right method, you can keep your carpet free from dog hair. Here’s how to get dog hair out of carpet with nine tried and tested methods:

Regular vacuuming

The first line of defence against pet hair is regular vacuuming. It's recommended that pet owners hoover at least every 2-3 days, maybe more during moulting season. This helps prevent the hair getting ingrained in the carpet. Don't forget to vacuum underneath furniture, or fur will gather there.

Dog brush

Just as it helps to free stray hair from your dog’s coat, a dog brush can pull pet hair from the carpet. It may take quite a few strokes and a bit of welly, but this is a reusable method. At a pinch, your own hairbrush may work, too.

Lint roller

When you need to get debris out of fabric or carpet, a lint roller is a useful tool. The sticky paper gathers hair without having to pick it up with your hands.

Finding a lint roller with a long handle will help you get right under furniture. Make sure you pay attention to how full the sticky paper is, as you will need to peel to the next layer every so often.

Carpet rake

The rubber bristles of a carpet rake avoid damaging most carpets. By running the rake over the carpet, you can remove dog hair easily. However, this won't be suitable for every carpet, so double check that yours has a high pile.

Baking soda

As with most messes, sprinkling baking soda on the area can work wonders. Leave it overnight, and by the morning it should have loosened enough to be brushed away.

Rubber gloves

The little bumps on washing up gloves help to agitate dog hair out of your carpet. They work even better if you wet the gloves first, then put them on and rub the affected area. You'll still need to collect it afterwards, but it should be much easier to pick up.


Perhaps the most unusual method on this list, but by far the most fun. Just like static produced by rubbing a balloon on your head can make your hair stand on end, it can attract pet hair. Blow up a balloon, rub it on your carpet and see if it pulls out or loosens those dog hairs.

Get your carpet professionally cleaned

While there are plenty of tips on how to get dog hair out of carpet, nothing beats a professional deep clean every once in a while. The National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA) directory is full of accredited carpet cleaners throughout the UK. Even the most difficult of pet hair won't stand a chance.

Search by postcode to find carpet cleaners in your area.

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