How to Get Urine Smell Out of Carpet
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How to Get Urine Smell Out of Carpet

Whether the culprit is a pet or a small child, urine on the carpet can feel like a disaster. That instantly recognisable stink clings to your carpet, but luckily there are ways to remove it. Read on as we discuss how to get a urine smell out of carpet.

Why does urine smell linger on the carpet?

As a liquid, urine can seep all the way into the fibres and padding of a carpet. It is usually odourless when it leaves the body, but processes within urine make it smell worse over time.

Dried urine crystallises, which then sticks to carpet and is very difficult to remove. These crystals smell when they're wet, so humid days and steam cleaning can make the smell return. Surface cleaning and vacuuming won't work, as they don't break down the crystals deep within the carpet. Shampoos may mask the odour, but won't remove the crystals. When the shampoo wears off, the smell will return.

How to get fresh urine out of a carpet

Your best bet for protecting your carpet is to tackle the problem right away. If you're lucky enough to spot the accident as it happens, use something absorbent like paper towels to soak up the urine. Then, rinse the area with cold water. Hot water can make the problem worse by setting the stain, so make sure that you're using cold water.

To be on the safe side, you may also want to try one of the methods below to prevent the crystals from setting.

How to get old urine smell out of carpet

If you're still being haunted by the ghost of urine past, you'll want to try a more intensive method. Here a four ways to remove a urine smell from carpet.

Identify the stain

First of all, you need to figure out exactly where the stain is. A handy fact is that urine glows under a UV light. If you're struggling to find the source of the smell, you could use a UV light to find it.


Patch test

Whatever product you choose to use, you'll want to make sure it's compatible with your carpet. Carry out a test by placing a small amount of product on a hidden area. After 24 hours, check for any discolouration or damage before proceeding.

Use a commercial product

If you’re wondering how to get an old urine smell out of carpet, you can use enzyme-based carpet cleaner. This will break down the urine crystals and eradicate the smell. Just make sure that the packet states that it is enzyme-based. Each product will have its own instructions, so ensure that you follow them carefully.

Use white vinegar and baking soda

Use a generous amount of white vinegar on the affected area and leave this to soak for 10-15 minutes. You can then soak this up as much as possible and cover the area with baking soda. Leave it to dry, and when it has completely dried, you can vacuum up all of the baking soda.

Call in an expert

If you're struggling with how to remove a urine smell from carpets, your best option is to call in a professional. The National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA) has a directory of carpet cleaners who have all passed our high standards.

Start searching our directory to find carpet cleaners near you.

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