New Carpet Smell for Months: How to Fix It
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New Carpet Smell for Months: How to Fix It

A new carpet can make your home feel like a whole new place, but it always comes with that distinctive new carpet smell. If you haven't been able to air the carpet beforehand, this smell can outstay its welcome.

Why do new carpets smell?

When carpets are manufactured, lots of chemicals are used in the process. These substances remain in rolled-up carpets until they are laid out in a new home, when they start to evaporate. This causes the smell to fill your house, in a process called carpet off-gassing.

There's no evidence to suggest that it's harmful, but it can be irritating or overwhelming. If you’ve been stuck with a new carpet smell for months, read on.

How can you get rid of the new carpet smell?

The smell should naturally fade after a while, but if it's getting on your nerves, there are some fixes you can try.


The simplest way to allow these chemicals to leave your property is through ventilation. If you can keep all your windows and doors open, this will help the chemicals escape. Heaters and air-conditioning units are also good at helping you ventilate the room.


Proper carpet care involves regular vacuuming, so you may already be doing this. However, it's good to hoover as soon as you install a new carpet, as this will tidy up any debris and help clear the smell.

Potted plants

Many house plants help purify the air by absorbing chemicals in it. Placing house plants throughout the room will help extract the smell from the air. Leafy plants like peace lilies, spider plants and aloe vera are particularly well purifying indoor plants.


There are several ways that vinegar can help get rid of the smell. Firstly, you can leave small bowls of vinegar around the room at night. You can also steam clean the carpet with vinegar.

Baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and leave it overnight. It can easily be hoovered up the next day, and can be repeated as many times as you need.

Incense and air freshener

For short term relief from carpet smell, you can use things like incense and air freshener. However, don't use detergent directly on carpet as it can leave behind residue and damage the carpet.

Fabric softener refills under furniture

Placing fabric softener refills under furniture will result in a slow-release scent throughout the room. While it won't destroy the smell, it will help cover it.

Apple, onion or celery

Cut an apple in half and leave it in a bowl overnight. It will absorb some of the odour. You can also do this with onion or celery, but they work best with a splash of water added to the bowl.

Professionally remove new carpet smell

Have you been stuck with a new carpet smell for months? An expert carpet cleaner can help you remove unwanted odours. The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) has a network of carpet cleaners across the UK who meet our stringent standards. Every carpet cleaner is trained and insured to ensure the smoothest experience.

Find your nearest approved carpet cleaner online or call 01562 547754 if you have any questions.

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