Professional vs DIY Carpet Cleaning
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Professional vs DIY Carpet Cleaning

From the bustling activities of a busy household to one-off spills like wine and sauces, you might decide it’s time for a deep clean of your carpet. But should you hire a professional or is DIY carpet cleaning just as good? In this post, we’ll compare the two.

Is DIY carpet cleaning effective?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to clean your carpets, you might be considering a DIY clean. Getting the professionals in can be quite expensive, especially for larger homes and those with carpets and rugs in most rooms.

Naturally, DIY carpet cleaning is a good way to cut costs. But is it ultimately worth it? There are some negatives to trying to clean your carpets yourself, including:

  • Less effective at removing deep-seated stains in comparison to the equipment and cleaning solutions used by professionals.
  • Time-consuming and physically demanding, which takes up a lot of energy.
  • Risk of damaging your carpets through inexperience.
  • If you can't rinse out the cleaning solution completely from the upholstery stain, it will attract more dirt really quickly and is more likely to look even worse in no time at all.

If you're unsure of the carpet cleaning methods and want the best possible results, professional carpet cleaning is the way to go. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

The benefits of professional carpet cleaning

Here’s what you’re paying for when you get a professional carpet cleaner in…

The best results

NCCA approved carpet cleaners are fully trained in getting stains out and restoring carpets to their former glory. Not only that, but they also have the very best equipment and cleaning products to give you gloriously fresh carpets all year round.

A job off your to-do list

Carpet cleaning is far more demanding than most people think – from hauling equipment around to getting down for a proper scrub. Using a professional carpet cleaner takes this job off your plate, along with all the time you’d have to spend finding and buying the right products.

No more smells

Sometimes, no matter how many times you vacuum your carpet, lingering smells refuse to disappear. DIY carpet cleaning might not get rid of these smells – and could even make things worse if the carpet doesn’t dry properly. A reputable, professional company will make sure you can breathe easy.

Lower costs

Hear us out. DIY carpet cleaning requires you to buy full bottles of cleaning solution and buy or rent equipment. Paired with a bit of trial and error, the costs can soon stack up. With professional cleaners, you know what you’re paying for – and you only need to pay it once.

Longer lifespan

One undeniable advantage of opting for professional carpet cleaning is the prolonged lifespan of your carpet. Over time, the fibres in your carpet tend to split and degrade due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris. Regular professional cleaning helps protect the fibres, ensuring your carpet stays cleaner, fresher and retains its quality for longer.

Find an NCCA professional in your area

Making sure your carpet looks immaculate and smells fresh after cleaning can be harder than you think. When you need to tackle a stain or refresh your carpets, a professional carpet cleaning service is a sure-fire solution.

Finding a local trusted carpet cleaner is easy when they are a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA). Members are skilled, fully insured professionals who follow a strict Code of Practice. So whether it’s carpet cleaning, upholstery maintenance or rug cleaning, you’ll be assured of a top-notch service.

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