Remove Nail Polish from Carpet in 8 Easy Steps
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Remove Nail Polish from Carpet in 8 Easy Steps

Nail polish is a notoriously stubborn stain to remove from carpet. However, these tips below will help you get nail polish out of carpet.

You won't need to try all of these methods for nail varnish on carpet. Some suit specific carpets more than others, so you may want to skip straight to those.

Remember to carry out a patch test of any method you choose, to make sure you don't damage or discolour your carpet.

1. Catch it early

If you're able to catch nail varnish on carpet when it's fresh, it can sometimes be blotted away. A spoon may be able to scoop up excess liquid, before it can even soak into the carpet.

2. Scrape and rinse

Use a knife to scrape away at a stain and loosen it. Cold water can also help with this, but make sure that your water is as cold as possible, because hot water will set the stain.

3. Hairspray & rubbing alcohol

If you haven't already, wet the area with cold water. Then, spray 10-20 pumps of hairspray onto the area – you want to be quite generous. Adding a small amount of rubbing alcohol should then really loosen up the stain, and you should be able to remove nail varnish from carpet with a toothbrush. You can repeat this if it doesn't completely solve the problem the first time.

4. Non-acetone polish remover

This will work better on fresh stains and lighter carpet, as you risk bleaching a darker carpet. Ensure that the polish remover you choose is non-acetone, and only use a small amount directly on the stain.

5.  White vinegar

Apply a generous amount of white vinegar to the affected area. Soak a cloth in white vinegar, and leave that over the stain. After 10 minutes, blot away as much vinegar as possible and then lightly agitate the stain itself. This should help remove the nail polish stain from your carpet, but be warned that the smell may linger. If the smell bothers you, you can use a carpet deodoriser to cover it.

6.  Baking soda and ginger ale

Pour enough baking soda to cover the stain, and then pour ginger ale over the top. Leave it to soften the stain for 10 minutes. You can then blot away the stain. A vacuum can be used to get rid of any excess baking soda after you remove nail polish from your carpet.

7.  Clean up excess product

If any of these methods leave residue behind, you can remove it with dish soap and warm water. Simply pour on a mixture of the two, then blot the residue as much as possible.

8.  Save time by calling an expert

If nail varnish on carpet is proving particularly stubborn or you're worried about damaging your carpet, a professional carpet cleaner can help. National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) have a directory of accredited carpet cleaners who are based all over the UK. Our strict guidelines for training, insurance and professionalism mean that every member business is top notch.

Search our directory to find a carpet cleaner near you and get nail polish out of your carpet.

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