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What is the NCCA Accreditation Code of Practice and How Does It Benefit You?

Are you planning on having the carpets at your home or premises professionally cleaned? Whether the job is big or small, you want to hire someone reliable who will ensure you get the best results and value for money. 

That’s why the National Carpet Cleaners Association has a Code of Practice, which all members have to follow. The code is intended to provide consumers and commercial clients with additional security and peace of mind when employing the services of a carpet and upholstery cleaner who is a member of the Association. Read on as we discuss what it is and how it works.

What is the NCCA accreditation Code of Practice?

The NCCA is a professional body that upholds the standards of professionalism, quality and skills required by trained carpet and upholstery cleaners. To do this, a Code of Practice is in place that sets out aims and objectives to protect customers, both domestic and commercial.

The motto of the NCCA is ‘Service with Integrity’, and all members of the associations are expected to adhere to these practices and keep up to date with regulations.

The Code of Practice set out by the NCCA includes a range of points that cover excellent customer service and satisfaction. This helps to reduce customer complaints and resolve issues in a timely manner.

How does the NCCA accreditation Code of Practice benefit customers?

The Code of Practice sets out specific criteria that members have to adhere to. This has several benefits for customers, such as:

Professional standards

As a customer, you can expect to receive professional standards from members at all times. That’s because the Code of Practice covers training and obtaining relevant industry practice to meet adequate levels of service.

With this in place, customers have specially trained carpet and upholstery cleaners with relevant experience and a roster of successful projects behind them. So there’s peace of mind you’ll get a job well done.

Timely and effective communication

Customers also benefit from excellent communication from start to finish. The Code of Practice sets out what is required, and as a result, customers receive prompt responses and punctual appointments. That’s paired with clear and transparent information about costs, the time needed and outcomes.

Fair pricing

It’s essential that customers feel they are getting great value for money. When choosing a carpet cleaner with NCCA accreditation, customers benefit from fair pricing when they receive a quote. The same is true for any additional work required while the job is being carried out. Rest assured, you won’t experience hard or pushy sales tactics either.

Transparent advertising

When you see an advert for carpet cleaning from an NCCA member, it will always adhere to the Code of Practice in regard to honest, transparent, clear and unambiguous communication. This ensures that customers have a good idea of what they’re going to receive before getting a quote.

Book an NCCA-accredited carpet cleaner today

There are many benefits of using a carpet cleaner with NCCA accreditation. Overall, you have greater confidence in the level of service you’ll receive, with peace of mind that these professionals adhere to a Code of Practice that goes beyond the typical service agreements.

Looking to book a carpet cleaner? Search for nearby NCCA carpet cleaners via our handy tool.

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