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NCCA achieves CPD status for carpet & upholstery training course

The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) takes a step further in raising the standard of professional recognition and development for its members training in the care of soft flooring and upholstery.
The NCCA is pleased to announce a new milestone in its aims to promote excellence in the cleaning sector as it achieves CPD (continuous professional development) status, from the CPD Certification Service.

Cleaning professionals undertaking the NCCA’s Carpet and Upholstery training course will also earn CPD points, which will help reflect their ongoing skills in training and competence in their field. In this way, customers are assured that accredited NCCA members have undergone exemplary and the most up to date training to provide the best service possible.

Furthermore, NCCA members are able to benchmark their upskilling and re-skilling with recognition of their conscious and proactive training.

Dave Wheadon, CEO of the NCCA says, “The NCCA is focused on ensuring that our members - and the wider community of cleaning professionals - are always suitably trained to the highest standards in the care of soft flooring and upholstery. Our Carpet and Upholstery training course plays a vital role in completing the membership process to the NCCA. As such, we want our prospective members to start on a point of professional excellence and carry on in the same manner. We are delighted to have CPD reinforcement while our members build their skills accordingly with us.

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