House Spring Cleaning - Why Carpets are a Must
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House Spring Cleaning - Why Carpets are a Must

Spring cleaning is a popular way to welcome the better weather. For some people, this means decluttering, dusting and deep cleaning. Carpets are often neglected, but here's why they should be on your spring to-do list.

Lengthen your carpet’s life

Keeping your carpet clean is the best way to ensure that it lives a long life. Allowing dirt to accumulate can damage the carpet or make it harder to clean without causing damage. Regular cleaning saves you money, while also saving the resources that would be needed to produce a new carpet.

Eliminate allergens

With hayfever season approaching, people with allergies are starting to suffer. These allergens can build up in your carpet and worsen symptoms. Every time someone steps on your carpet, the allergens on it are released into the air, creating a difficult environment for allergy-prone people. A deep clean will help remove these particles and reduce irritating symptoms.

Looking good

A clean carpet can bring a whole room together. You might not even notice dirt impacting the colour of your carpet until you clean it. Dust and grime can discolour your carpet. Cleaning your carpet prevents damage and brings it back towards the colour you originally chose. This improves the appearance of your home not just for yourself, but for guests, too.

Feeling fine

The fibres of a carpet are liable to flatten or stick together. This can make a carpet feel much older than it actually is, and often quite rough. Freshly cleaned carpets feel softer underfoot, as the fibres are given new life.

Smelling fresh

Notice a bad smell in your home? It could be your carpet. Like other things, bad smells can get trapped in your carpet and haunt you. The worst part is, you might not notice it anymore, but your visitors certainly will. You can buy scented sprays, but these will cover the problem, not solve it. Proper deep cleaning is vital to remove these smells and keep your home smelling pleasant.

Prevent embedded hair

Households with pets will have noticed how often pet hair clings to the carpet. Hoovering can remove some of it, but there are always stray hairs that take more effort to remove. Deep cleaning your carpet will stop hair becoming matted into your carpet.

Prevent mould

Invisible mould spores gather deep in your carpet. These can grow into patches of mould when they meet moisture. Your health can also be negatively impacted by these spores when they are disturbed and propelled into the air. Hoovering can collect some of the spores, but doesn’t kill them. It's important that you get your carpet deep cleaned to keep mould spores at bay.

Professional carpet spring cleaning

Take the hassle out of carpet cleaning by hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Every cleaner in the National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCCA) directory is insured, accredited and experienced. Our members are all over the UK and searchable by postcode.

Find a local carpet cleaner today!

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