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The NCCA Party Season Survey

With party season soon upon us, many households across the UK are busy preparing their homes for guests. In fact, over 90% of households are entertaining in their homes between now and New Year’s Eve. The NCCA Party Season Survey revealed the nation’s biggest after party nightmares in the home.

The biggest after party nightmare is revealed as stains in the carpet followed by something going missing.  One-fifth of households say that they have had stains on their carpets or sofas following a party, with red wine revealed as the most common morning-after party stain, followed by coffee. Alarmingly, the NCCA Party Season Survey revealed that 1 in 10 have been unable to identify the stain. *TOP TIP* – If you don’t know what the stain is, don’t guess. Always seek professional help via Trusted Local Cleaners.

Two-thirds of those surveyed for the NCCA Party Season Survey said they still have stains somewhere in the home at least six months after a party, and 10% of households even admitted to having guilty party stains for FIVE YEARS OR MORE! A quarter of Brits admit they have either moved furniture to cover up stains or blamed a stain on someone else such as a partner, spouse, child or pet. Furthermore, 10% of people confessed to spilling something on someone else’s floor and NEVER TELLING!

Autumn and Winter were revealed to be the most neglected seasons for deep cleaning the home, so why not give your soft furnishings some TLC this Christmas?

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