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Membership Benefits

We sometimes forget to shout about the number of great benefits being an NCCA Member gets you. Each year we review our membership benefits to ensure we are providing value and support to our Members. So, why should you be part of the only nationally recognised trade association?

Personalised Website Listing

All registered members can be found on the NCCA’s Trusted Local Cleaners directory.

Members can edit their profile on the directory by adding:

  • A company logo
  • A company description
  • Photos/videos
  • Social media links
  • Accreditations
  • Training
  • Additional services

Customers can submit enquiries for potential jobs and also leave reviews. We've also created a unique embed code that you can use on your own website to display the reviews from your listing.

Many Members have already taken advantage of this, and made
their listing stand out by adding a logo, photos, videos, social media links, a company description and that all important back link to your own website.

The website is regularly reviewed to ensure we can be as optimised as possible when it comes to SEO. Updating your own listings massively helps with this. If you need assistance with anything technical, our office team are always happy to help.

personalised website listing
exclusive training courses

Exclusive & Discounted Training Courses

Members can benefit from the ‘members price’ on all training courses, which can mean up to £100 off standard training fees. A further discount is automatically applied at checkout if booking two or more delegates from your company on the same course. We run a variety of courses throughout the year, including a number of member-only programmes such as Textile Insect Pest Control.

Our Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning course is now CPD accredited, which means cleaning professionals undertaking course will also earn CPD points, which will help reflect their ongoing skills in training and competence in their field.

Business Support Service

Did you know? As a member you have FREE access to FOUR essential business services; Health & Safety, HR, Legal and Tax from Quest. With these services you have access to document libraries where you can download from a bank of hundreds of templates. A helpline is also available for further advice and support. All schemes and important details can be found under the Membership Benefits page in the Members Area.

business support service
facebook group

Members-only Facebook group

The NCCA Members group is a private environment where fellow members can network, in a professional capacity, about all things industry related. We also have a Corporate specific group where multiple Corporate Members can openly advertise, engage and respond with brand specific answers.

Technical Support

The NCCA Directors have been involved in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry for many years and are on hand to offer free advice and generally assist with any cleaning related problems. As the Directors are not based in the NCCA office and offer their time voluntarily, we have a technical advice form on the Members Area of the website. We receive weekly enquiries ranging from tricky stains to unusual designer fabrics.

technical support
alternate dispute resolution ADR

Arbitration Service / Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Following on from technical support, sometimes the NCCA need to provide further assistance to Members. ADR is now a lawful process within the UK legal framework to find a resolution to disputes to endeavour to free up more court time for the most important cases. If you have a dispute with a consumer who wishes to progress the matter to court, the court will refer the matter back to both parties to instigate the ADR process before it is returned to the court. The cost of employing an outside ADR representative will cost on average, anywhere between £50-800 per hour. The NCCA will act as an intermediary on the behalf of both parties to use our knowledge and skills to determine a resolution between both parties, without the need to engage expensive legal representation.

Members Area, Documents & Marketing Materials

All official NCCA documents, membership upgrade application forms, TrustMark application documents, general meeting minutes/reports, complaints guidance and many more can be found in the secure Members Area of the website. Being a member of the NCCA means you have agreed to abide by the Articles of Association, Code of Practice and other rules and regulations. Please take the opportunity to fully review and understand these documents.

We have created a bank of images, audio & video clips and guides under Member Documents, which members are free to use on social media pages, websites and any other marketing materials.

The online shop has bespoke membership merchandise, including leaflets, decals, survey forms and other items available to purchase from the NCCA.

members area and member documents
corporate members

Corporate Members

Corporate Members are industry suppliers, manufacturers and service providers registered with the NCCA. We recommend our Corporate Members for equipment, chemicals, insurance and much more. The list can be searched by category and location online. Many Corporate Members offer member-only schemes and discounts such as:

Factotum - Telephone Answering Service
Coversure Kidderminster & Movo Insurance Brokers - Insurance
Sitewizard - Web design services
The Rug Laundry - Commission on rug cleaning referrals
Various suppliers - Discounts of spot & stain kits and chemicals following our Advanced Spot & Stain Removal course

Debt Collection Service

The NCCA are working in partnership with Controlaccount Plc to assist members in dealing with slow paying customers. A fast, efficient, low cost solution to outstanding account management by the UK’s leading Collection Company to the service industries. NCCA members are entitled to a discounted rate for the collection of accounts. Controlaccount are able to collect outstanding accounts utilising the LPA (late payment act) to cover the majority of recovery costs reducing fees. This service works on a no collection, no fee arrangement, and so if they are unable to recover your debt there would be no charge for using our service.

debt collection
direct debit plans

Membership Payment Plans & Holidays

Membership fees can be spread across 12, 9 or 6 month Direct Debit plans. All Direct Debit plans are interest free and no additional charge. If you want to pay over a bespoke plan, such as every 6 weeks or every quarter, not a problem!

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced payment holidays and extended due dates for invoices. We've extended our usual 30-day terms to 90 days for all invoices for membership fees. Direct Debit plans also have the flexibility of having payment 'holidays' so can start paying in July or September when paying over 9 or 6-month plans.

TrustMark Membership

TrustMark is the Government endorsed initiative to help consumers find reliable and trustworthy local tradespeople to carry out repairs and maintenance within and outside the home. It is widely supported by consumer protection organisations, local Trading Standards authorities and the Office of Fair Trading.

The NCCA was awarded Scheme Operator status for the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning industry category, and TrustMark membership within that category is only available to NCCA members (who meet the eligibility criteria). All the relevant TrustMark documentation and application can be found on our dedicated TrustMark page.

trustmark membership
ncca name and logo

Use of NCCA Name & Logo

Your unique membership logo will be provided following your welcome email. Feel free to use this on your website, social media pages and any other marketing materials. Tip: If you're using the logo on your website, be sure to link the image back to your Trusted Local Cleaners listing to help with SEO!

We also have a number of logo branded merchandise available to purchase from the NCCA online shop.

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